Visiting Wellness Master – now a “virtual visit”

Visiting Wellness Master – now a “virtual visit”

It is with so much pleasure and excitement that Mareeba Yoga is introducing Andzej Gospodarczyk, the founder of Ryoho Therapy and Ryoho Wellness, and his now Virtual Visit to Mareeba Sun 30 Aug and Mon 31 Aug 2020!! 😀

**This event was originally planned as a real live visit from Andzej. As a result of Queensland’s closure to Sydney, Andzej will now be visiting with us via Zoom. Us Queenslanders will still all gather, at the Spanish Club in Mareeba, and we will meet Andzej on screen, hopefully i can organise a big one 😉 Definitely different to what we’d all hoped for and I still feel that it will be a wonderfully valuable experience, especially for those who are keen to take that next step in understanding their health and how to achieve/maintain it 🙂 **

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Some of you have heard me wax lyrical about my training with Andzej and how it revolutionised my life. I’m so excited that you have the opportunity now too to meet, via zoom now, Andzej and connect with/hear about this truly genius (if you ask me 😉 ) approach to wellness from the founder/creator himself! And he is standing on the shoulders of giants in the wholistic health world, having trained with masters of Indian and Japanese yoga and other healing arts traditions. Read on for more 🙂

About Andzej

Andzej was called overseas in the 1970’s: Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, the USA and Europe. There he trained under the direct tutorage of far East-Asian Wholistic Health Masters, including Masahiro Oki.

Pictured below, Master Oki also trained with Wholistic Health Masters from around the world, including Gandhi and George Ohsawa (the founder of Macrobiotics), and founded Oki-do Yoga on the teachings he received directly from them. Also pictured below are some of the other elite health practitioners Andzej has trained with.

These Masters were highly trained themselves, each specialists in their field and gifted with ancient practices that remain highly relevant to achieving and maintaining great wellness today.

In the early 1980’s, on the giant foundation of his training from these Masters, Andzej developed Ryoho as a unique modality of yoga therapy. Ryoho Therapy is a sophisticated combination of traditional Indian Hatha yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory, the Meridian-Based Healing Arts of China and Japan, Transcendental Meditation and Breathing Techniques, Medicinal Nutrition and Shiatsu Treatments.

The result: for the last 40 years, people from all over the world have sought treatment from Andzej for a variety of conditions associated with backpain, neck pain, hip pain, headaches, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, obesity, diabetes, weight-loss, depression, stress, anxiety, digestion, respiratory, circulatory and hormonal issues.

About the Ryoho Wellness System

“Ryoho Wellness works with clients to fix their health problems by looking for the cause (not just the symptoms) and then providing a specific, aligned treatment protocol including medicinal foods and nutrition and therapeutic Ryoho Yoga exercises to enable the organs and body to function properly. This results in our clients experiencing significant improvements in mobility, functioning and a symptom-free life full of good health; glowing, energetic and vibrant.”

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Sun 30 Aug 2020

The program for Sunday is a Wellness Workshop, from 12pm to 4pm:
*Yoga Class at 12pm; and
*Lunch & Wellness Talk at 1.30pm.

The workshop price is $20 per person, now that this is a “virtual visit”. You can attend just the yoga class, or just the lunch and talk. These are $15 each.

Those of you who already attend Mareeba Yoga classes will be familiar with the style taught, only it will be being taught by its founder 🙂

Mon 31 Aug 2020

Private Health Consults are available on Monday. These are 45 minute sessions with Andzej where you can seek his advice on any health-related matter you like. The session will typically include a mini-treatment from Andzej in addition to yoga exercise to practice and dietary changes to implement. Now $70 given that they will be via zoom. “Treat the cause for a life full of good health.”


The Workshop events and the Consults will be held at Mareeba Yoga’s new home: The Spanish Club, 38 Chewko Rd, Mareeba.

We will gather here, and meet Andzej on screen 🙂


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And if you have any questions at all, please just call me, Melissa 0404 862 533 🙂