The Yoga

The Yoga


“Yoga” derives from a sanskrit (3,500 year old language) word: ‘yuj’. Yuj translates as ‘to yoke/bring together’ and/or ‘become aware of’. In this way, practicing/experiencing yoga is really more a state of awareness than a specific activity. This state of awareness can be alive in any activity that we find in our lives: walking/driving down the street, doing the dishes/taking the rubbish out haha, going to the gym, our employment/work for instance.

“Learning” yoga is to cultivate this state of awareness, and there are so many ways this state of awareness can be developed. Many of us already experience this state of awareness of ourselves, of wholeness in some way, when we are in our gardens maybe, out in nature somehow, connecting with loved ones and/or our hobbies, other practices of healing/martial arts of course – any time we are feeling at peace, grateful, in love with life and/or alive is a sign that we experiencing some of the gifts that yoga has to offer.

The yoga at Mareeba Yoga is just another way to cultivate/reclaim this expanded, more whole, state of awareness, rich with… well.. you choose… whatever YOU want to create… physical health, emotional wellbeing, inspiration, satisfaction, peace, joy… whatever YOU want to create 😀

Mareeba YogaTherapy Yoga classes with Melissa

Classes are largely based on the revolutionary Ryoho Yoga (please click here to learn more about the Ryoho Wellness System) and focus on building a sustainable and fun relationship with our core: our lower belly region. As we (re)connect with this part of our body we remind it of its power and other parts of the body can start to “let go” – back, shoulders, neck, ankles, digestive organs, brain, everything…! Once these parts have ‘let go’ they can remember who they are and return to their true nature of flexibility, or supportive strength etc… 😀

So then we lengthen and strengthen and develop flexibility with these, and find parts of our body and the rest of our being that we may want to connect with/become aware of (again).

This system of wellness wants to empower you to discover/rebuild your optimum wellness, which means feeling more and more whole/aware of all of yourself, so you can live a life that you quite simply, and absolutely, love 😀 😀 😀

Please click here for some class testimonials

For those of you who experience your energy body, as we move, we also connect with “energy meridians” based on Chinese Medicine, and each exercise has specific organ function relationships with all of our digestive and respiratory/circulatory organs: kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, lungs, bowels etc , which serve to harmonise our energetic blueprint, and bring about physical, mental and emotional changes from the energetic ‘source’ of our human physicality, and the rest of our human experience too.

Most of the movements in class are therapy exercises. Sometimes we practice full yoga asanas. The difference between a therapy exercise and an asana can seem subtle and is also not haha. Asanas require that little bit of extra focus, awareness and connection to therapy exercises. The therapy exercises are designed to build us to the point of being able to practice the asanas. (If you are already experienced, even just a little, in full yoga asanas, please please check out Adele’s classes. See below for a little more.) Therapy Yoga classes are 90 minutes.

Mareeba Yoga – Stretch & Stillness with Melissa

Stretch & Stillness is style of class where we stay in an energy meridian stretch position for three to five minutes.

Mareeba Yoga – Gentle Yoga with Adele

A gentle mix of yin and yoga asanas to calm/stabilise the mind and enliven/balance the body.