2021 Bring It On Love Bomb

2021 Bring It On Love Bomb

Alriiiiight!!! 2021 is imminent!! 😀 😀 😀

Or already here depending on when you read this haha 😉

Bring it on!!! 😀 😀 😀

Join us, join us please, for a New Year Self Love Intention Setting event 😀 😀 😀 Drop into 2021 all loved up and ready to meet, and really live, 2021 (and the rest of your life too 😉 ) !!

*Tue 5 Jan to Thu 7 Jan 2021
*7.30am to 1pm each day
*the Mareeba Yoga/Spanish Club venue
*$210 for three days, includes cleansing breakfast

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Wanna know more? Please read on 🙂

The event intention…

*clear out any cobwebs
*embrace your true value
*dream up your most perfect 2021 (in the least, and most perfect rest of your life in the most) for yourself and
*take steps to bring this increased alignment with your true self into reality

The programme…

Day 1:
7.30am – Yoga
9am – Breakfast
9.45am – EFT Tapping – we’ll explore our sense of self-worth, clear any old stories about that and invite in our dreams for ourselves. Deb Barber will guide us through this process. Please do feel into/think about your intentions prior to the event, write them down, bring them with you 🙂 And see below for a few words from Deb 🙂
12pm – Yoga

Day 2:
7.30am – Yoga
9am – Breakfast
9.45am – Sensorimotor Art Making – to start using our hands/heart to create. Facilitated by Nicole Nicholls, this session is NOT about artistic talent. It is about finding “what has you feel like you”. Please see below for a few more words from Nicole 🙂
12pm – Yoga

Day 3:
7.30am – Yoga
9am – Breakfast
9.45am – Sound Journey – to bring us to a state of receptive stillness from which to receive the blessing of your dreams being realised. Georgie Lemke will share with us the beauty and power of her voice. Please see below for a little more on Georgie 🙂
11am – Dancing Freedom – to celebrate, with our whole being, the satisfaction and joy of feeling good about ourselves and our lives. Davini Lewis invites us to feel into a specially prepared by her mix of songs, and see what movement comes. “There are no steps to this dance, listen to your body and allow it to lead you and the dance will evolve from within.” See below for a little more on Davini and Dancing Freedom 🙂
12.30pm – Closing Circle

“What if I can’t make it every day and I really want to join in somehow…?”

Look, yes, you can join in for just one or two days, please do in fact 😀

We would really love to see you at all three days – the event has been designed for you to journey with yourself, and all of us facilitators feel that the three days is the way you can optimise the outcome for yourself, and let’s face it, you’re worth it 😀 😀 😀 we all are 😉

And if you find yourself really wanting to come and just can’t make all of it, please just join us for what you can: the bit you can make it to will be perfect too 😉

The facilitators…
For the record, I just LOVE what each of these women offers. I have experienced the healing power and love of each of their hearts, as they weave with skill the magic of their modalities. I have been so blessed, and I present them to you in the possibility that their hearts have gifts for you too 🙂 🙂 🙂

EFT Tapping – Deb Barber
From Deb:
“Hello Dear Deliberate Creators!

I’m Deb and I look forward to assisting you to ACTIVATE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH EFT.

My passion for EFT began 15 years ago at the start of my massaging career. I loved it so much that I eventually became an EFT Master Practitioner under the guidance of The Association of Meridian and Energy Therapies in the UK in 2013.

EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique. It involves gentle tapping on meridian points, breath and focus. Our end game is to experience elevated emotions to assist with activating our intentions.

Setting intentions can be both exciting and daunting… daunting because they can stir up self-doubt and uncomfortable feelings. EFT will help you carve your path into the field of possibility by dissolving outdated beliefs to make space for the NEW!

ACTIVATING YOUR INTENTION is a sacred opportunity that requires an open-heart streaming with elevated emotions. (In EFT we call this a ‘healing event’.)

Please spend some time contemplating your intentions for the upcoming year. Please write them down and bring them along on Tue 5 Jan 2021 to the Bring It On Love Bomb event.

I look forward to meeting you, and playing with such powerful tools together, big love, Deb.”

Sensorimotor Art Making – Nicole Nicholls
From Nicole:
“I find joy in accompanying you in your creations of harmony through your hands… I love the process of art making as a means to express perceptions through the senses allowing us to rewrite our biography towards a more authentic, alive sense of self.

Through facilitated Sensorimotor Art Making, I will accompany you on a gentle journey, where we will unpack your stories, explore your body memories, lay down the heaviness of expectation, allow completion of unresolved issues from the past, find solutions for current problems and simply allow for the blossoming of something new and promising… Let’s travel together… into your imagination, your creativity and your deepest longings… Let’s journey together, down a creative path of self-expression, self-awareness, self-understanding and GROWTH.

My devotion is to behold you in a safe space of compassion, to find what makes you feel like you, to reconnect you to what sparks joy in your heart…”

Sound Journey – Georgie Lemke
Sometimes known also as Medicine Singing or Shamanic Singing, this sound healing modality is delivered by the voice of the Medicine Singer… and the occasional instrument… The intention of the Medicine Singer is to bring us vibrations/sounds (not words generally, just tones) to heal and harmonise everything that might be possible for us, to take us on a journey of deeper connection with ourselves… with our truth…

Our Medicine Singer/Sound Journey guide is Georgie Lemke. I am in total awe of the beauty and power of Georgie’s voice, and of the movements/changes that have been created in my body/being. Georgie will sing for us as we continue our individual journeys to health and wholeness and happy lives on the Bring It On Love Bomb event 🙂

From Georgie: “My voice seems to carry my spirit in meditation, and I journey into a visceral space where there is peace, connection and harmony with all that there is. And it’s a beautiful thing for me to share the ride with others. Sound is, for me, the great healer and medicine for the heart.”

Dancing Freedom – Davini Lewis
Dancing Freedom is one of the many gifts from Davini Lewis, who is also teaches Pilates and is also training to be an Embodied I-Ching Practitioner. Davini believes deeply in the power of being in our bodies, and loves to provide opportunities for us to connect with their (our bodies’) innate wisdom.

Davini’s music mixes are an elixir for my soul. Dancing Freedom is a delicious opportunity to explore ourselves, to explore our connection to our bodies, emotions, mind, spirit, everything! And from this connection emerges a joy that only wholeness and truth can bring 🙂

From Davini: “We will dance together, landing into the depths of our soul. There are no steps to this dance, listen to your body and allow it to lead you and the dance will evolve from within.”

Yoga – Melissa Colman
Alot of you may have already met me, and even come to the Mareeba Yoga or Yoga in Dimbulah classes. You can visit here for a little about me if we haven’t yet met… 🙂

And… if you still have questions after all of this, please just give me a call – 0404 862 533 🙂

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