The Elements of Creation!

The Elements of Creation!

It is our total pleasure to invite you to a series of five Workout To Wellness days to explore/deepen your connection with some fundamental energies which can help us create ourselves and our lives!! ๐Ÿ™‚

FIVE SATURDAYS: A Journey Towards Wholeness ๐Ÿ˜€

* Sat 24 Jul – Refining: Purification – the Metal Element
* Sat 7 Aug – Deep Stillness: Truth – the Water Element
* Sat 11 Sep – Energy Rising: Empowered Vision – the Wood/Wind Element
* Sat 9 Oct – Flourishing: Active Creation – the Fire Element
* Sat 13 Nov – Harmony: Celebrating Wholeness – the Earth Element

Daily program

8.30am-8.45am – Arrive
8.45am-10.15am – Therapy Yoga
10.15am-11.45am – Initiatic Art Therapy
11.45am-12.30pm – Lunch (provided, including herbal tea)
12.30pm-1.30pm – Aromatherapy Self-Massage
1.30pm-3pm – Dancing Freedom
3pm-4pm – Sound Journey
4pm-4.30pm – Sharing Circle

Elemental journey

Not only will the days give you a chance to explore these five healing art modalities, the series of five days brings the opportunity to connect with a different part of the process of creation on each day.

Refining: Purification
The Metal Element – Sat 24 Jul
Imagine melting something down, allowing the impurities to evaporate in the process, and then being left with something so deliciously pure and who you really are… Imagine being able to sort through all of the experiences of your life so far, being able to surrender what you don’t need anymore and to keep only that which is truly important to you… Imagine being so clean and clear that you can’t help but see the real you…

This is the gift of the Metal element – it’s one of refining; paring back; sifting through; sorting; eliminating or keeping; purifying.

It removes everything that may attempt to distract us from…

Deep Stillness: Truth
The Water Element – Sat 7 Aug
Now imagine having the opportunity to spend all your time with you; to rest and just be with you… Imagine finding a place that is so still and quiet that you can hear your soul speaking to you… Imagine having the time to actually listen to it, and understand what it wants for this life… Imagine feeling that soul truth with every cell of your body; with every vibration of your being… Imagine hearing it so easily, that when you do start to move again, your truth is still entirely completely clear to you…

This is the gift of the Water element – stillness; rest; recuperation; depth; peace; tranquility; truth.

Once we know our unique individual truth; once we’ve heard what our soul has to say then we are ready for…

Energy Rising: Empowered Vision
The Wood Element – Sat 11 Sep
Nooow imagine your unique truth inspiring your unique vision… Imagine being able to see/feel/sense clearly where you want to be/what you want to create… Imagine feeling capable, powerful and strong enough to take the actions required for your vision to become reality… Imagine being able to adapt to whatever circumstances present themselves and still know that you will achieve that goal that has come from your deepest truth… Imagine feeling that “super-hero” feeling… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is the gift of the Wood element (also known as the Wind) – energy rising; striving upwards; new growth; intelligence: physical, mental, emotional; the ‘blueprint’; adaptability; stamina/strength: physical, mental, emotional; empowered vision.

And now comes the time for…

Flourishing: Active Creation
The Fire Element – Sat 9 Oct
And here it comes, what can seem like the main event… everything else has been preparing for this… Imagine feeling your energy actively involved and engaged in life in every moment and creating… Imagine connecting all the different components together to bring your vision into ‘physical reality’… Imagine everything you want to create, being created perfectly for the unique being that is you…

This is the gift of the Fire element – flourishing; expanding; reaching out; connecting; joining the ‘dots’; pulling everything together; total fruition; active creation. Wow!

And now we’re invited into…

Harmony: Celebrating Wholeness
The Earth Element – Sat 13 Nov
And so it is done… Imagine that..! Imagine the joy… Imagine the satisfaction of creating something that is so deeply your truth… Imagine the happy harmony that sings in and around every aspect of you… Imagine the sense of connection; the sense of completion; the sense of wholeness…

And this is the gift of the Earth Element – harmony, total and complete harmony; feeling everything connected and in its place; feeling the satisfaction and joy of creating your deepest truth; a time to celebrate – celebrate wholeness ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

(Please note – each of these elements is actually with us all the time, there is simply a focus on one energy or another at certain times, depending on where we are in the Cycle of Creation. And it is a cycle. Once we’ve partied a little bit, once we’ve ‘reaped what we’ve sowed’, we then enter a period where the focus is on the Metal Element again etc etc… And sometimes after some time in the Water phase, we may need to spend some more time with Metal phase; after some time with Fire; we may need to ‘return’ to Wood. So the energies do dance with each other outside of the linear depiction above. The days are presented in an order found in the natural seasons, as if we were growing food ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Support for the journey outside of the workshop days…

As you can see, there is a chance that these will be big days. Their intention is to immerse us in these different ways to connect with our Self, and become aware of how we create that Self and what we live here in this life.

For some of us these days will be a breeze, for others of us ‘stuff may come up’, and/or both ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whether you attend one or all five, or some other combination in between, these workshops are an opportunity to delve a little deeper/expand a little further our understanding, love and experience of ourselves.

As a result of the chance of ‘stuff coming up’, discounted one-on-one support sessions will be available to you (until the end of February 2022) as you need them via arrangement with the facilitator of your choice. Details of these are provided below under Modalities, Facilitators & Support Sessions.

If you already have a trusted support system, or would prefer another means of getting the support you need, please engage with them. The sessions with us are just here if it feels right for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Modalities, Facilitators & Support Sessions

Therapy Yoga – Melissa Colman

Put simply, Therapy Yoga is learning how to breathe and move, with awareness and ultimately, with co-ordination. It is also about learning how to connect with our ‘core’ (lower belly) and our spine. As we practice Therapy Yoga, co-ordinated deep breath and movement, empowered core and lengthened, strengthened spine eventually become instinct for us. This is the yoga definition of “health”; it provides a platform from which we can live our best lives ๐Ÿ˜€ (You can read more about the yoga in general here.)

Classes during the Elements of Creations journey will take us through each of the organ functions in the body as they relate to each of the elements under the Chinese Five Element Medicine system: day 1 will be lungs and large intestine; day 2 will be bladder and kidneys; day 3 will be liver and gall bladder; day 4 will be heart and small intestine; and day 5 will be stomach and spleen.

From Melissa: “It truly is my privilege to guide you into connection/witness you as you connect with the sacred wowness of your own body and being, and to assist you perhaps to feel how with the energies of your body you are creating the rest of your life.” (You can read more about Melissa here.)

Support sessions…
Having also completed some studies in energetic/shamanic healing and sacred intimacy, and very close to having completed a Diploma in Counselling, Melissa is offering “Emotions & Truth” support sessions.

These are 60-75 min sessions combining talking/sharing therapy, yoga movement and energetic healing techniques to further explore our emotions and to eventually land us in a place where you can clearly see/feel your ‘truth’. These support sessions are available at the special rate of $55 (normally $105).

Initiatic Art Therapy – Nicole Nicholls

From Nicole:
“I find joy in accompanying you in your creations of harmony through your hands… I love the process of art making as a means to express perceptions through the senses allowing us to rewrite our biography towards a more authentic, alive sense of self.

My creative career began as a Hair Artisan 27 years ago where I experienced the power of human connection and learnt the valuable art of effective communication. My curiosity into the healing arts innately evolved through my personal experience with anxiety and through my lived experience as a mum and wife supporting my neurodivergent family.

I live on a peaceful acreage surrounded by all the stunning elements at Koah, in Far North Queensland, with my husband and two daughters. I am inspired to create opportunities to support autistic children and their families as I know firsthand the blessings and struggles that this lived experience abounds.

I have completed:
* Certification as a Yoga Teacher for Adults, Children and Families
* Certification in Sensorimotor Initiatic Art Therapy
and my more recently found love is โ€˜Work at the Clay Fieldโ€™.

My devotion is to behold you in a safe space of compassion, to find what makes you feel like you, to reconnect you to what sparks joy in your heart…

Support sessions…
Through facilitating:
* Work at the Clay Field
* Sensorimotor Art Therapy or
* Subtle Yoga sessions
I will accompany you on a gentle journey, where we will unpack your stories, explore your body memories, lay down the heaviness of expectation, allow completion of unresolved issues from the past, find solutions for current problems and simply allow for the blossoming of something new and promising…

A bit more on Work at the Clay Field: The effectiveness of the method is based on haptic perception, the perception through touch. Work at the Clay Field focuses on our innate ability to discover relational and experience-based events, in which individuals understand themselves and their world. Such experiences, even those of an earliest nature, are stored in the body-mind and find individual expression within movement. Each movement with touching the clay field contains and repeats biographical relationship patterns โ€“ patterns of encountering the world and of relating to it.

Work at the Clay Field is not symptom-oriented but development-oriented. This means that the specific problem or crisis is not the focal point, rather the option to discover new awareness and solutions through oneโ€™s own inner movements.

A bit more on Initiatic Art Therapy: Initiatic Art Therapy uses a wide variety of art making approaches and incorporates Somatic Experiencing, meditation, and bodywork. Art Therapy has the potential to initiate an inner process that unfolds like a mystical journey leading towards harmony, healing, creativity, meaning and love. Gradually one becomes aware of subtle body sensations, inner urges, impulses, and ideas that begin to shape a more genuine source of identity than the conditioned โ€œshouldsโ€ of learned behaviour.

โ€œArt therapy is not so much about understanding and interpreting pictures as it is about the process of creating them. Healing happens through the act of symbolic expression. The client can learn to understand, redirect, transform, integrate and thus heal and increase his or her flow of energyโ€ (Elbrecht,Cornelia 2006). The simple setting appeals to children of all ages as well as adolescents and adults. Suitable for those wanting to learn more about themselves via creative modalities. No art experience is needed. The effectiveness of the method is based on haptic perception, the perception through touch

I’m offering a 90 minute session accompanying you from the heart of compassion, normally $190, at the special price $75.”

Aromasself (Aromatherapy Self-Massage)- Anwen

Aromasself is Anwen’s version of an Aromatherapy Self-Massage, where she incorporates essential oils into a self-massage self-care routine.

From Anwen: “Over thirty years ago on a Malaysian bus, I received guidance to embrace natural medicine and healing as my pathway. I trained in Ayurverdic, Swedish and Thai massage and subsequently qualified as a naturopath, homeopath and medicinal herbalist. Through the ancient knowledge of plant oils and self-care, I have developed a unique practice that I call ‘aromasself’ยฉ. 

‘Aromasself’ explores self-care through love, intuitive healing and self-touch. We will learn an easy to implement self-practice that can be undertaken anywhere.  Each session will align plant medicine to our emotional and spiritual journey of the day.

My life, since infancy, has woven through the Sacred, with Druid family background. I grew up in Jersey, was presented with my first tarot cards at age six by my grandmother and trained as a priestess in the Western Mysteries during my teens and early twenties. I have practiced meditation for most of my adult life, and have trained as a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist. I currently work full-time within psychotherapy and emotional support for children, having completed a Master’s Degree in Counselling last year.”

Supports sessions…
As a full-time working mum, Anwen is not formally offering support sessions at this time. If you really connect with her, and only extra time with her will do, please speak with her and perhaps you can work something out ๐Ÿ™‚

Dancing Freedom – Davini Lewis

From Davini: “Iโ€™m a facilitator of embodiment and dance.  I help to reunite people with their bodies through mindful awareness, meditation, alchemy and deep listening.  Using dance I create safe spaces where masks can be set aside, where trust can be rebuilt, community created and freedom celebrated

I am passionate about creating a world where we all feel free to embrace our authenticity, honouring our unique journeys, where together we can create a synergistic tapestry of the highest vibration.  When we bring our focus and awareness into allowing and cultivating our own special sauce we will discover within, our own authentic truth and flavour which will then attract others who will be the lock to our key.

I am inspired by our returning to deep connection with nature and sustainability. It was the feeling of separation and longing to BElong which started my journey to wholeness and connection: my first step was with dance at the age of 17, when a light came on and I realised that all the answers and freedom were within my own body.  I explored further by completing my Bachelor of Arts in dance.  I went on to be a fitness and resistance trainer.  Feeling something was missing I started to explore conscious dance and found my passion and a depth which continues to bring me home.  

I am now a Dancing Freedom facilitator which combines my love of the transformational power of dance with a deep connection of the elements and our home planet, Mother Gaia.  I am also a passionate Pilates instructor, bringing people out of their heads and back to an integrated body with strong core and natural posture.  

I have recently become an Embodied Iching Practitioner, a new modality which uses muscle testing to uncover unconscious patterns and then alchemises the system into optimal harmony with the soul.  It is a gentle, restorative and nourishing yet relentlessly powerful in insisting on gentle change through harmonisation.  From your bodyโ€™s response we use either elemental alchemy, movement, divination, or a combination of all three.

I feel blessed to be living within one of the oldest rainforests in the world with the highest diversity of life.  I am continually moving towards the true essence of the name I was gifted which means Divine Lightning.  I hope to reignite this divine spark within all I encounter.  I am also the proud Mum of two wonderful boys and am enjoying watching their process as they grow towards manhood.  I hold a deep admiration for our natural world and the animals who have so much to teach us.”

Support sessions…
Davini is offering “Embodied Growth” support sessions, for you to get out of your mind and harmonise your body, mind and emotions.

Embodied Growth sessions will start with a little chat to see where you are at and to uncover your most challenging issue at the moment. Davini will then use muscle testing to see which modality will bring the most benefit right now (“how can your body return to optimum harmony with your soul?”): Pilates, Dance, or Embodied Iching? And the session will evolve from there.

60-90 minutes, either in person or online, these sessions are offered at the special rate of $45 (they are usually $80).

You can read more about each modality here:
Kuranda Pilates
Dance your Soul and Dancing Freedom
Embodied IChing

And a little bit more on the Embodied Iching here… There are three main techniques in these sessions:
* elemental alchemy, where elemental energies are visualised in particular chakras
* Taoist Nei gong movements, where the focus is on ‘working in’ rather than ‘working out’
* embodied divination, where using muscle testing, you uncover a question (that may previously have dwelt only in the subconscious) to ask the Iching (the “Book of Changes” which has been providing divination for over 5,000 years).

Some of the ways this type of session can help you:
* balancing and reharmonising challenging situations that are unfolding currently or that hold alot of charge from the past
* returning your power from either positive or negative projections you hold on others, consciously or unconsciously
* alchemising your system and field to be in optimum harmony with your higher self so you KNOW you are in alignment and get to understand this connection better within yourself
* harmonising your entire system to its optimum flow.

Sound Journey – Georgie Lemke

Sometimes known also as Medicine Singing or Shamanic Singing, this sound healing modality is delivered by the voice of the Medicine Singer… and the occasional instrument… The intention of the Medicine Singer is to bring us vibrations/sounds (not words, just tones/sounds) to heal and harmonise everything that might be possible for us, to take us on a journey of deeper connection with ourselves… with our truth..

Our Medicine Singer/Sound Journey guide is Georgie Lemke. The beauty and power of Georgie’s voice, and the energy movements that can be felt in the body/being in response to this, are all quite astonishing. Georgie will sing for us as we journey through The Elements of Creation.

From Georgie: “During sound journeys my voice seems to carry my spirit in meditation into a space of visceral consciousness where there is only peace, connection and harmony with all that there is.  Medicine singing takes me to the edge of myself, where there is a wild sound that feels to me like a force of nature, like the wind or a cool breeze, like the sunshine or thunder, like a mist or a gentle wave or to far away lands or to times long ago.  Each singing sound journey is individually inspired and like no other. Itโ€™s truly one of my greatest joys to share my spirit song and also my deepest honour when my sound resonates in the heart of another.  Sound is, for me, the great healer and medicine for the heart.

Support sessions…
When Iโ€™m not singing Iโ€™m passionate about helping people heal from chronic illness and auto-immune issues.  Iโ€™ve always been interested in health and natural medicine and before my life seriously deteriorated with Hashimotoโ€™s disease, I thought I was doing all the right things.  However, I was also great at ignoring my stress and pushing through pain to get things done.  My moving mountains to be โ€˜successfulโ€™ at life was took a huge toll.  I came to understand deeply what itโ€™s like to wake up day after day, with zero energy, massive brain fog, allergies, pain, dizziness, hair loss and a whole host of other weird and sometimes frightening symptoms that cause you to loose yourself in the total exhaustion of just surviving another day.  

After trying practically everything to heal I came across the Tolman method of natural healing that finally changed my world and inspired me to become a Tolman Health Coach.  I now have the Tolman keys to healing and I want to give them to you too because I know what it would mean for you to experience clear thinking, energy and vitality everyday. For me, feeling strong and being healthy has created so much hope, opportunity, freedom and joy in my life.  

I am beyond grateful for my new life and I really want this for you too.  So Iโ€™m here to help.  If my story resonates with you, I would love to support and guide you on your journey to being your best self.  For personalised support sessions I offer:
* Private Sound Healing: tuning into your frequency for a sound journey thatโ€™s just for you. Sessions are in person, 60 minutes at a special price of $45 (usually $85)
* Health Assessment: 60-90 minute private consultation where I use iridology and sclerology to assess your current state of health and which organs need nurturing right now.  Then I create an achievable action plan for you that works in with your current day to day schedule and responsibilities.  My recommendations include specific herbs, oils, foods and emotional processes and affirmations for the organs identified, targeted detox strategies and lifestyle changes based on the seven principles of health to evoke transformational healing. Offered at the special rate of $150 (usually $250).”


$135 for each day, and includes:
* lunch and herbal tea
* questions to reflect upon prior each event day
* questions to reflect upon after each event day
* access to the discount rate support sessions, if so required/desired

To register

Registrations are open until the following dates, and are made by full payment:
* Sat 17 Jul for the Metal Element (on 24 Jul)
* Sat 31 Jul for the Water Element (on 7 Aug)
* Sat 4 Sep for the Wood/Wind Element (on 11 Sep)
* Sat 2 Oct for the Fire Element (on 9 Oct)
* Sat 6 Nov for the Earth Element (on 13 Nov)

Bank transfer
BSB – 923 100
A/c – 646 93 013
Melissa Colman
Please make a note on the transfer description of your name, and which date you are registering for ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit card (plus 2.5%) via paypal

Please send me an sms
Once you’ve made your payment, please send me an sms – Melissa, 0404 862 533 – to let me know:
* your name
* which date(s) you are registering for

I will then excitedly confirm your registration (wooohoooo ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ), and send you some questions that you may enjoy reflecting upon to prepare you for the (first of the) day(s) ๐Ÿ˜€


Please just call me, yaaay! Melissa, 0404 862 533 ๐Ÿ™‚

And we can’t wait…
And we can’t wait to share these days with you, and facilitate any journeys you find yourselves on should you need it ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Melissa, Nicole, Anwen, Davini and Georgie