“Yoga classes with Melissa are like no other!  Melissa shares such a loving supported space where life altering MAGIC takes place.  Namaste.” – Nikki Nicholls, Far North Queensland

“Best yoga teacher around – top marks for a gentle teacher who quietly ups the ante and before you know it you’re holding poses with ease and grace.  I highly recommend this lady who has amazing insights to the inner workings of the body and a beautiful soul to boot.  Love you heaps for changing my life and for me to start trusting my body at age 59” – Jude Wisken, Northern NSW

“Melissa’s unique teaching style makes her yoga classes always a pleasure to attend.  Her personal attention to her students is always welcomed.  I always leave her classes knowing that I have had a good whole body workout but feeling very relaxed after it.  Thanks Melissa…” – Juliette Tobiano, Far North Queensland

“I find Melissa’s classes to be very friendly and welcoming.  While I was attending her class I felt very comfortable and she made me feel inspired in my yoga as to how far myself and body could go.” – Julie Thomas, Far North Queensland

“Melissa’s yoga classes ease you in gently to honour and listen to your body.  She guides us to stretch, strengthen and heal parts that may have been neglected previously.  And then finishes with a powerful massage that feels great!  It’s a powerful experience, well worth trying no matter what level you are at!” – Sheila Langan, Northern NSW

“Melissa’s yoga makes me feel like I am questing to be more powerful, stronger in body and mind.  I am invigorated and encouraged to feel myself challenged, then I’m left feeling relaxed and satisfied.” – Helen White, Northern NSW

“Wonderfully talented teacher.  Her voice and instruction is spot on.  I’m a beginner, she has helped me begin my yoga journey.”  – Morgan Angell, Northern NSW