Special Events

Special Events

Mareeba Yoga hosts the occasional special event πŸ™‚

Bookings very very welcome ? Call, or message Melissa on 0404 862 533 πŸ™‚

Sound Medicine Journey with Georgie – 7 Dec 2022, 4 Jan 2023, 15 Feb 2023

Hellooooo and yaaaaaay!!!Β ??‍♀️?
Three Sound Medicine Journeys are currently planned YEEEEES!!!Β ????

* Wed 7 Dec, Wed 4 Jan, Wed 15 Feb
* 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start
* $25, or $20 with a yoga pass
* The Spanish Club/Mareeba Yoga
* Herbal tea provided
* Self-massage to start with

(And maybe come to the 5.30pm yoga class to beforehand for even more wellbeing goodness ? )

You can read a little more below ?

*About the Sound Journey…
Sometimes known also as Medicine Singing or Shamanic Singing, this sound healing modality is delivered by the voice of the Medicine Singer… and the occasional instrument… The intention of the Medicine Singer is to bring us vibrations/sounds (not words generally, just tones) to heal and harmonise everything that might be possible for us, to take us on a journey of deeper connection with ourselves… with our truth… ?

*About Georgie…
Our Medicine Singer/Sound Journey guide is Georgie Lemke. The beauty and power of Georgie’s voice, and the energy movements that can be felt in the body/being in response to this, are all quite astonishing.

From Georgie: “During sound journeys my voice seems to carry my spirit in meditation into a space of visceral consciousness where there is only peace, connection and harmony with all that there is.

Medicine singing takes me to the edge of myself, where there is a wild sound that feels to me like a force of nature, like the wind or a cool breeze, like the sunshine or thunder, like a mist or a gentle wave or to far away lands or to times long ago. Each singing sound journey is individually inspired and like no other. It’s truly one of my greatest joys to share my spirit song and also my deepest honour when my sound resonates in the heart of another. Sound is, for me, the great healer and medicine for the heart.”

Sooooo, if you are interested in experiencing this healing art/modality, and meeting Georgie, please come along ?

Chakra Cleanse and Bless Ritual – 28 Nov 2022

Here is the next Chakra Cleanse and Bless event ???

* Mon 28 Nov
* 7.30pm
* $25, or $20 if you have a yoga pass
* The Spanish Club, 38 Chewko Road
* Herbal tea provided

Using the power of our voice, breath and intention to cleanse our major energy centres and then bless them, our whole selves and our lives ??? In this ritual we take ownership for cleansing, AND for putting the good stuff in (blessing ourselves) – an ultimate ideal of self-care ?

Chakra is from a sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “circle/cycle” ? … Chakras are our unseen (to most people) energy centres, the ‘wheels of life’… they are spiralling vortices through which it is said comes the energy to create and sustain our humanness: our bodies and our experiences here ???????????

You may already have a strong sense of your chakras; you may never have heard the word/concept before. This ritual will have benefits for everyone as you use your voice and breath to set intention for yourself ?

Bring comfy clothes, comfy mat, cushions, blankets, whatever you might need to be comfortable in relative stillness for an hour or so. We have some mats if you don’t have one – just bring blankies, cushions etc ?