Self-Care Saturday

Self-Care Saturday

Five workshops in one day for you to treat yourself to! Come join us, join us please, for a day of self-care. Come along with an intention for yourself, even if it’s just to have a really yay day for yourself πŸ˜‰ and immerse yourself in some healing arts modalities with some wonderful facilitators! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

* Therapy Yoga
* Dancing Freedom
* Guided Meditation
* Aromatherapy Self-Massage
* Sound Journey

Sat 9 Oct
8.45am – 3pm
$120, including lunch and herbal tea

Please see below for some more information on each of the modalities and your facilitators for the day. And please just give me a call if you have any questions at all πŸ˜€ Melissa, 0404 862 533


Melissa Colman – Therapy Yoga

Put simply, Therapy Yoga is learning how to breathe and move, with awareness and ultimately, with co-ordination. It is also about learning how to connect with our ‘core’ (lower belly) and our spine. As we practice Therapy Yoga, co-ordinated deep breath and movement, empowered core and lengthened, strengthened spine eventually become instinct for us. This is the yoga definition of “health”; it provides a platform from which we can live our best lives πŸ˜€ (You can read more about the yoga in general here.)

This style of yoga is generally done lying on the floor and is perfect for beginners.

From Melissa: “It truly is my privilege to guide you into connection/witness you as you connect with the sacred wowness of your own body and being, and to assist you perhaps to feel how with the energies of your body you are creating the rest of your life.” (You can read more about Melissa here.)

Davini Lewis – Dancing Freedom

From Davini: “I’m a facilitator of embodiment and dance.  I help to reunite people with their bodies through mindful awareness, meditation, alchemy and deep listening.  Using dance I create safe spaces where masks can be set aside, where trust can be rebuilt, community created and freedom celebrated

I am passionate about creating a world where we all feel free to embrace our authenticity, honouring our unique journeys, where together we can create a synergistic tapestry of the highest vibration.  When we bring our focus and awareness into allowing and cultivating our own special sauce we will discover within, our own authentic truth and flavour which will then attract others who will be the lock to our key.

I am inspired by our returning to deep connection with nature and sustainability. It was the feeling of separation and longing to BElong which started my journey to wholeness and connection: my first step was with dance at the age of 17, when a light came on and I realised that all the answers and freedom were within my own body.  I explored further by completing my Bachelor of Arts in dance.  I went on to be a fitness and resistance trainer.  Feeling something was missing I started to explore conscious dance and found my passion and a depth which continues to bring me home.  

I am now a Dancing Freedom facilitator which combines my love of the transformational power of dance with a deep connection of the elements and our home planet, Mother Gaia.  I am also a passionate Pilates instructor, bringing people out of their heads and back to an integrated body with strong core and natural posture.  

I have recently become an Embodied Iching Practitioner, a new modality which uses muscle testing to uncover unconscious patterns and then alchemises the system into optimal harmony with the soul.  It is a gentle, restorative and nourishing yet relentlessly powerful in insisting on gentle change through harmonisation.  From your body’s response we use either elemental alchemy, movement, divination, or a combination of all three.

I feel blessed to be living within one of the oldest rainforests in the world with the highest diversity of life.  I am continually moving towards the true essence of the name I was gifted which means Divine Lightning.  I hope to reignite this divine spark within all I encounter.  I am also the proud Mum of two wonderful boys and am enjoying watching their process as they grow towards manhood.  I hold a deep admiration for our natural world and the animals who have so much to teach us.”

Anwen – Aromasself (Aromatherapy Self-Massage)

Aromasself is Anwen’s version of an Aromatherapy Self-Massage, where she incorporates essential oils into a self-massage self-care routine.

From Anwen: “Over thirty years ago on a Malaysian bus, I received guidance to embrace natural medicine and healing as my pathway. I trained in Ayurverdic, Swedish and Thai massage and subsequently qualified as a naturopath, homeopath and medicinal herbalist. Through the ancient knowledge of plant oils and self-care, I have developed a unique practice that I call ‘aromasself’Β©. 

‘Aromasself’ explores self-care through love, intuitive healing and self-touch. We will learn an easy to implement self-practice that can be undertaken anywhere.  Each session will align plant medicine to our emotional and spiritual journey of the day.

My life, since infancy, has woven through the Sacred, with Druid family background. I grew up in Jersey, was presented with my first tarot cards at age six by my grandmother and trained as a priestess in the Western Mysteries during my teens and early twenties. I have practiced meditation forΒ most of my adult life, and have trained as a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist. I currently work full-time within psychotherapy and emotional support for children, having completed a Master’s Degree in Counselling last year.”

Anwen will also take us through a Guided Meditation πŸ™‚

Georgie Lemke – Sound Journey

Sometimes known also as Medicine Singing or Shamanic Singing, this sound healing modality is delivered by the voice of the Medicine Singer… and the occasional instrument… The intention of the Medicine Singer is to bring us vibrations/sounds (not words, just tones/sounds) to heal and harmonise everything that might be possible for us, to take us on a journey of deeper connection with ourselves… with our truth..

Our Medicine Singer/Sound Journey guide is Georgie Lemke. The beauty and power of Georgie’s voice, and the energy movements that can be felt in the body/being in response to this, are all quite astonishing.

From Georgie: “During sound journeys my voice seems to carry my spirit in meditation into a space of visceral consciousness where there is only peace, connection and harmony with all that there is.  Medicine singing takes me to the edge of myself, where there is a wild sound that feels to me like a force of nature, like the wind or a cool breeze, like the sunshine or thunder, like a mist or a gentle wave or to far away lands or to times long ago.  Each singing sound journey is individually inspired and like no other. It’s truly one of my greatest joys to share my spirit song and also my deepest honour when my sound resonates in the heart of another.  Sound is, for me, the great healer and medicine for the heart.


Registration is simply by payment in full: $120

You can pay with bank transfer or use credit card via paypal (adds 2.5%).

Once you’ve made your payment, please just send me a text message, yaaaaaaay!!! 0404 862 533, Melissa πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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We are so looking forward to sharing this self-care fun with you!

Huge love from all of us… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And call me, call me, if you’ve any questions at all – Melissa, 0404 862 533