Private Classes

Private Classes

Private classes are also offered by Mareeba Yoga: Therapy Yoga with Melissa and Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Variations with Adele.

Classes can be 60 or 30 mins, and will target YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS around learning yoga and your wellbeing. The class will be at your pace, will address any questions you may have, and of course give you one-on-one instruction on how to connect more deeply with, and care for, yourself via yoga.

We will video each class on your phone, so you can do the class as often as you need to at home during the week before your next class. This will be your recording, you have it for as long you want it.

So… you can, should you choose, have a targeted to you yoga class every day of the week by coming to just one private lesson a week.

And Melissa is completely honoured if you would like her to introduce the magic of Therapy Yoga to your children. One on one sessions work best, for just half an hour.

60 minute classes…

* 6 or more classes: $55 per class
* casual session: $85

30 minute classes…

* 6 or more classes: $35 per class
* casual class: $50

Please call us – Melissa, 0404 862 533, for Therapy Yoga classes; Adele, 0452 203 665, for Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Variations – if you are interested, and we’ll chat about how best to meet your wellbeing needs with yoga 🌟🧡🤩

You can read more about Melissa here, more about Adele here, and more about the yoga here 🙂