Ginger Compress

Ginger Compress

**The ginger compress is NOT to be applied to the head. It is for application on the body from the NECK DOWN ONLY**

Ginger compress is a treatment option for pain, including:

  • longstanding/chronic backaches;
  • longstanding/chronic joint pain;
  • muscle and other soft tissue aches n pains, after exercising for instance;
  • menstrual pain (apply to lower belly); and
  • for bumps/bruises/sprains that have just happened.

Ginger compress can also assist in dissolving/dispersing calcification and any other body “hardenings” or “stiffenings”, which in turn can also bring about the reduction/elimination of pain.

(Other ways to assist your body heal from anything is to consider some dietary changes. And I realise that this can be a really big deal. If it doesn’t resonate, it doesn’t ? If it does, you can find a bit more information about a healing diet under the Ryoho approach to Wellness here (link coming soon), and/or feel free to contact me ?)

Allow yourself 20 minutes or so just to read through these instructions and watch the video, and then when you are ready to do the compress allow about 30 minutes to prepare and apply the compress. Maybe 40 minutes the first time you do it. This isn’t really something you want to rush if you can avoid it. Healing benefits from calm gentle devoted fully present energy ?

Some more intro blah blah ?

Per above, read through these instructions and watch the video before you sit down to give this a try. Half of the magic of this treatment is in its heat (the other in the ginger, oh there’s probably another half haha in the fact that you are taking some time to devote 100% to your self-care… ?? – no wonder it’s so good, it’s 150% magic haha). So feel as prepared as possible when you go to do it so your ginger tea can stay as hot as possible ?

Because the magic is in the heat, more precisely how it changes the heat distribution in your body, signalling your body’s healing agents to gather and get to work, if you want to have a hot shower/bath, do this BEFORE the compress. Or wait for two hours after.

This is such an incredible thing to do just before bed – your body gets the opportunity to respond to the treatment while you sleep. And you can do it up to three times a day if you are feeling it ?

Also, because of the heat redistribution effect that it works with, just do one part of your body in one treatment. If you have pain in your knee and lower back for instance, do the back in one sitting and then the knee next time perhaps, maybe even the following day. Doing two spots at once will split your body’s resources. Better to call them all into one place at one time. Night tine is a really nice tine to do the lower back.

If you are treating a bump, bruise, sprain etc that has just happened, do it as soon as possible after it has happened, and then another three times that daybif possible, and then before bed again for the next two nights, and yaay, every chance it’ll be as good as new!!

What you need…

  • a stove
  • a pot (with a lid) of water, 1-2 litre of water is plenty
  • fresh ginger – maybe 2-3cm x 2-3cm
  • a grater
  • a chux wipe haha, or a lovely muslin cloth if you have one
  • an elastic band or some string
  • a thick hand towel – the thicker the better
  • a friend ? if the area you need to compress is hard for you to reach, ie anywhere on the back of your body will be tricky, and really, even if you can reach the area yourself, it’s always nice to have a friend to help hey? ?
  • a nice, warm, calm place to do the compress application in ????

To prepare…

  1. Set the pot of water to boil on the stove
  2. Grate the ginger – you can peel it or not, your choice
  3. Put grated ginger in centre of cloth/chux wipe and make a little parcel – tie up with elastic band or string
  4. Once the water has boiled, turn the stove right back
  5. Once the water has stopped boiling (haha, boil it then stop it from boiling ?), and is only steaming now, drop the ginger parcel in
  6. Let the ginger parcel sit in the steaming water for 3-10 minutes. Be especially attentive to this step: do NOT LET THE WATER BOIL again. I have been taught that it will change the magic of the ginger. So probably leave the lid off, and this will depend on your stove
  7. Once the tea is ready (make sure the lid is on the pot to keep it hot) carry it, and your towel, to where you are going to treat yourself
  8. Apply the compress according to the video below ? And remember it is only to be applied to the body FROM THE NECK DOWN, and do it AFTER your hot shower or bath if you want one, and just ONE body part in each sitting

To apply…

Watch the video below for how to apply the compress ?

How to Apply the Ginger Compress

Aaand, once you’re done, consider wiping your face with the still a bit warm maybe ginger-scented towel… that’s pretty yummy too ?? (It’s ok for your head now as it’s not steaming hot – it’s not a ginger compress anymore, it’s just a warm towel with ginger tea on it ?)

If you’ve any questions at all, please contact me ? 0404 862 533 ?

May you enjoy getting to know the ginger compress, and perhaps a bit more about yourself as you journey with it, your healing and reclaiming your wholeness ?❤