2021 Bring It On Love Bomb – Booking

2021 Bring It On Love Bomb – Booking

(If you haven’t yet read about the event, please visit here 🙂 )

To book (yaaaaay!) please:

1. Make a payment according to the details below… please put your name clearly on the transaction somehow 🙂

2. Send me a text message, or of course feel free to call and say hello 🙂 – 0404 862 533 – to let me know you have just booked your spot (ie. paid) in the Bring It On Love Bomb! 😀 😀 😀 If you are only attending one or two days, please let me know in this communication which day(s) (ie. Day 1, 2 or 3) you are joining us for 🙂

3. Theeeen… get busy… or dreamy… or both hahaha…. with your 2021 (at least), and maybe rest of your life (at most), intentions for yourself and your life, so that you have something to start with on 5 Jan when we come together 😀

(And, on this, it’s ok if you don’t actually know what you want, or how what you want is gonna be achieved, really it is – start with dreaming up how you want to feel (ie. satisfied, fullfilled, content, alive, inspired etc…) for 2021, and/or the rest of your life, and then imagine how good feeling that way will be…! 🙂 The rest will flow from there, especially as you journey through the heart spaces of our facilitators with the incredible wholeness and healing tools being brought together here 🙂 )

Payment details

For cash/bank transfer payment:

BSB – 923 100
A/c – 646 93 013
Name – Melissa Colman
Institution – ING
* $210 for the 3 days
* $70 for one day
* $140 for 2 days

If you would like to pay via credit card, please use the Paypal function below:

The amount here includes a credit card fee of 2.6%…


And please contact/call me if you have any questions at all 🙂
Melissa, 0404 862 533